2141 Train in Kamloops Canada

We wish to heartily thank Capturing Reality for their incredible photogrammetry software RealityCapture which enabled us to put together such a detailed solve composed of upwards of 15k photos. We’re looking forward to many more future preservation projects being powered with RealityCapture.

The Kamloops Heritage Railway Society is a registered charity under the Societies act. KHR has a mandate to operate the steam engine 2141, the “Spirit of Kamloops” for the public, on behalf of the City of Kamloops.

2141 is one of a group of 25 engines (numbers 2130 to 2154) built by the Canadian Locomotive Company in Kingston, Ontario for the Canadian Northern Railway. Her classification is “Light Consolidation” because of her 2-8-0 wheel configuration. “She is “light axle loading” 114 tons in working order. Her official class is M-3-d and she is the only survivor of this type.


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