The Arc/k Project is technology agnostic.

The technology of choice is performing photogrammetry with the highest resolution. But, we accept the fact that it may be too late to get cameras into position before another cultural site is senselessly destroyed. With your help, even a camera on a smartphone can help preserve a priceless artifact forever.

Within the hard drives, Flickr accounts and misplaced flash cards of millions of people like you, lie treasures waiting to come to life.

We were inspired when we discovered a YouTube video of a para glider enjoying his experience flying over a hilltop castle in Palmyra. The video was a few years old, but we knew the history of that site, as it dates back to the Roman Empire and that much of it was being destroyed recently by terrorist organizations. Without realizing it, he expanded our immense respect for the reach of this technology. Arc/k was able to take that low resolution video, not intend for photogrammetry, and transform it to a fully dimensional digital reproduction of said castle. This simple exercise, more than any controlled test, inspired us to realize that more strongly than ever before there’s an almost infinite value in unseen and forgotten photographs; the ones found in basements, attics, old C-D rom discs…. the photographs owned by individuals and families around the world. In short, people like you.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

~Arthur C. Clark