This is photogrammetry of the giant stone head in front of the “Viking World” museum in Iceland. This 2013 commission was by artist Jón Adolf Steinólfsson.​ ​It was planned to be part of the stone giant as depicted in the Icelandic coat of arms.

The original idea was to build the 8 meter tall giant behind the museum, but when the former city mayor asked the artist to do it for free​,​ he halted work​.​ ​T​he partially completed head has remained outside of the museum ever since.

The stone type is dolerite (Icelandic. Grágrýti) and the pink line is a polyester mixture ​that was ​directly injected into ​a large crack in order to prevent splitting ​during​ freezing w​eather.​ This head is approximately 2 meter​s​ h​igh​, 1.4 meters wide, and 2.7 meters long.

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