The Arc/k Project actively promotes, teaches and shares accessible 3D digital documentation methods that empower citizen scientists, volunteers, cultural heritage organizations and indigenous communities to document and archive their own cultural heritage in new and powerful ways, while adhering to ethical practices.

Since 2015, The Arc/k Project has researched ways to democratize digital heritage documentation with partners in Syria, Venezuela, and across the United States.


The Arc/k Project has successfully trained local communities how to document and preserve their heritage, in the midst of emergencies and crises. Arc/k has proven in hard hit areas that quality digital cultural preservation can be achieved remotely as long as there is a small team on the ground with basic photographic equipment (cameras, scale bars, color checkers, hard drives, etc). With partners in Syria, Venezuela, and across the United States, Arc/k staff have developed methods of teaching documentation techniques via videoconference. We also have co-facilitated webinars, local heritage workshops and community events. Students, heritage professionals and citizen scientists have learned how to use accessible tools like a smartphone or a DSLR camera to capture heritage in their communities. Our goals are to uphold digital imaging and data standards, provide transparency, and pursue innovative applications for digital heritage preservation.


The Arc/k Project brings expertise and experience working with educational institutions, museums, heritage organizations, volunteers and cultural heritage caretakers on how to digitally document, display and archive their collections and cultural treasures. Arc/k seeks to empower communities around the world through education and training resources.


The Arc/k Project supports museum and heritage organizations with consultations, training and services of high-quality digital documentation of their collections and heritage assets. With the help of our 3D models and digital collections, institutions can optimize virtual exhibition displays, increase audience engagement online, and develop advocacy campaigns and/or educational programming.

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Our work in digital heritage preservation of Syria has enabled our organization to test the technique of crowdsourced photogrammetry, conduct educational video conference training with Syrians, and collaborate with academics to explore a methodology for teaching anthropology in social virtual reality. We continue to identify opportunities for further research, advocacy, application and technical developments.

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In collaboration with Institutional Monuments and Assets of Venezuela (IAM VZ), a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the cultural heritage of Venezuela, The Arc/k Project taught on the ground preservationists how to capture objects, monuments, or landscapes in their local communities, amidst the political turmoil and heritage threats. IAM VZ and Arc/k worked with five cultural institutions, five photographers, and two universities across six cities–teaching photogrammetry to over seventy people. The Venezuela collection has grown to over 220 objects from museum collections and monuments at risk, with selections displayed on the Arc/k website, Sketchfab, and the IAM VZ website.

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