We thank you for your generous donation to such a noble cause as digital cultural preservation. Your contribution will go towards Arc/k’s goals of capturing, educating, and archiving for the future.

Pictogram Quote

“The Arc/k Project believes in equity and have developed modules to train local people to preserve heritage in their communities. From modern bridges to ancient garrisons, The Arc/k Project uses technology to enhance our understanding and appreciation of space and place.”

-Khamal Patterson, Attorney, Cultural Heritage law analyst, ARTIVE

“From the educational cultural perspective, the possibilities with VR in education are infinite. I think students get a much better experience and more of a chance. Not everybody learns in the same way. So the more ways you can present information to students; the more likely they are to learn. VR is very much the future and it should become standard.”

-Dr. Amr Al-Azm, Syria initiative partner, Professor, Founder of The Day After

The Arc/k Project strives to:

  • Make this cultural data more available, comprehensible, and engaging in 3D through experiential technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
  • Optimize data collection and visualizations for scientific research and analysis.
  • Develop opportunities whereby the digital can help serve the physical heritage.
  • Educate and empower communities with tools and techniques to preserve their own heritage.
  • Dramatically increase participation in digital heritage preservation by volunteers while simultaneously upholding digital imaging standards.
  • Pursue innovative applications of digital heritage preservation.

A digital 3D model can serve as a valuable tool for use in raising awareness in the global community, continued scholarly and scientific study, future reconstruction baselines, and to allow audiences to experience their culture digitally if it is inaccessible or may no longer exist in physical form. Paired with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, 3D models of cultural goods can help prevent illicit trafficking. Moreover, cultural heritage assets digitized in 3D can provide relevant knowledge on adaptation, climate-related impact, restoration, conservation, and resilience.

A gift of . . .
$100 pays for studio time in post-processing our digital archives to high quality standards.
$250 covers partial equipment costs for documenting a cultural asset or heritage site.
$500 supports scholarships for participants in an Arc/k photogrammetry workshop.
$1000 pays for a local educator in a community training program facilitated by Arc/k.
$2500 covers a weekly stipend for a cultural heritage steward to document a site, with technical guidance by Arc/k.


Double the impact of your donation
Many employers will match charitable contributions. We are happy to assist with any additional matching gift forms. Contact Us

Pictogram Quote

“With Arc/k Project’s support, we’ve trained in photogrammetry, not only photographers, but also historians, journalists and students from six different cities in Venezuela.”

-Ana Maria Carrano, Venezuela initiative partner, award-winning Journalist, Executive Director of Power2Voice

“We believe we are doing important work with the support of Arc/k Project: developing a key archive of cultural assets in our country that in the future can be really important for Venezuela.”

-Milagros González, Venezuela initiative partner, Museologist, Historian, Art Teacher

THANK you for your work in this field. Your resources have helped me tremendously for this project and other ongoing cultural preservation/digitization projects.”

-Luka Starmer, Multimedia Specialist, University of Nevada, Reno


Partner with The Arc/k Project
Our community of partners work together to provide solutions for sustaining cultural heritage sites. We shape the nature of the partnership based on cooperation, communication and collaboration, reflecting and representing multiple community members and stakeholders. Arc/k builds meaningful relationships in diverse sectors, including: archaeology, aerospace, cultural heritage, museums, science, technology and tourism. Contact Us

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