With the planned demolition of the 6th Street bridge starting in February (02/05/2016 ) an iconic part of Los Angeles fades into history. This bridge has been used in many Hollywood films such as “Grease” 1978, “Terminator 2” 1991, “In Time” 2011, and “The Dark Knight Rises” 2012, just to name a few.

This is a sparse point cloud of the famous section of the 6th Street Bridge crossing over the LA River.

A sparse cloud is only the first step in the photogrammetric process and will lead to the dense cloud and final textured solve. We are hoping to have a more realized model once we fill in some of the birds-eye with more high quality shots from overhead. If you happen to have any top down photos or video of the 6th Street bridge that are higher than 1920×1080 in resolution, please contact us or donate directly.

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