We are happy to announce the launch of our new resource site the Arc/kivist’s Corner

Whether you are an archivist looking to expand your digital offerings or someone new to digital archiving altogether, this will be the place for you!  We know how challenging it can be to start an archive. As with any new venture there are many important choices to be made when creating a digital archive and we hope that our experiences can foster dialog and be a resource for others in our community. 

We look forward to sharing our experiences, ideas and news about the world of archives and its relation to cultural heritage digital preservation.

Learn a wide variety of topics related to digital archives, including insights into:

  • Archival outreach and public participation in digital cultural heritage preservation
  • Applications of enhanced digital experiences in education
  • The creation of archival standards for 3D model preservation
  • Ethics and reciprocal partnerships with indigenous communities
  • Archival actions in disasters and areas of conflict

We also plan to share some special “behind the scenes” looks into the creation and evolution of our archive – from conceptual planning to implementation and beyond.

Visit the Arc/kivist’s Corner to find information on our policies, notable academic papers on digital archives, topical books, organizations that inspire us, project videos and much more.