The continued loss of cultural heritage at Palmyra is both mind numbing and heartbreaking, but we at Arc/k can take some solace in the knowledge that digital cultural preservation technology can lead the way towards rebuilding once ISIS is defeated.

Arc/k founder Brian Pope was quoted as saying, “The macabre theater of death and destruction perpetrated by Islamic State in Palmyra is a tragic loss for all of humanity. Each such loss diminishes us all just a little…but the Arc/k Project pledges today to redouble its efforts for the digital preservation and reconstruction, and thus the continuation of, the culture of this all-important symbol of multiculturalism. The struggle to save Palmyra will not end until we, and other like-minded organizations, win this fight, even if it means rebuilding Palmyra from the ground stone by stone and pebble by pebble.”

We at Arc/k stand with the Syrian people and are deeply saddened by this monumental loss of history.